Safford Police

Safford Police

SAFFORD — Safford Police investigators are looking into several reports of deliberate mailbox damage and mail theft.

According to a police report, Safford Postmaster Carolina Gaethje told an officer that three community mailboxes had been damaged within the last several weeks.

The collection boxes of mailboxes in the 1300 block of 20th Street, the 1200 block of El Paso Boulevard and an unspecified block of 19th Street were reportedly pried open with a crowbar and the outgoing mail they contained was taken. According to the report, Gaethje said the stolen mail items included a $300 check — a theft that was previously reported to police.

The 20th Street community mailbox was no sooner repaired, according to Gaethje, than the culprit or culprits damaged it again the next day. The Safford postmaster reportedly estimated the total damage at approximately $400, adding that if the incidents continued, the post office would have to shut down the community program for drop boxes.

The report was forwarded to investigators.

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