Kayla Pike

Kayla Pike

SAFFORD — Just before noon Thursday, Sept. 5, Safford Police officers recovered a stolen car and arrested the driver, who also turned out to have a shoplifting warrant.

The car, an older grey Impala, was initially reported abandoned at Sun Pumps, 325 E. Main St. The supposedly abandoned vehicle left the scene before police arrived, but a license plate check revealed it was reported stolen in Glendale.

A Safford officer spotted the car at Walmart but was unable to make contact. Police then caught up to the vehicle at the corner of Gila Avenue and Main Street. The driver was identified as Kayla Pike; police believed Pike was returning to Sun Pumps.

According to a police report, Pike said her cousin, identified as Tonya Nofchissey, let her borrow the car. Pike reportedly said at first she did not know it was stolen but later admitted suspecting it was. Pike reportedly told officers Nofchissey said the car belonged to a friend. Pike said Nofchissey was staying at Pike’s residence, but officers did not find Nofchissey there.

While investigating the case, police learned Pike had a warrant for shoplifting issued out of the Gila Valley Consolidated Court. Pike was booked into the Graham County Jail on the warrant in addition to a theft charge.

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