Fort Thomas Elementary

Students from Fort Thomas Elementary show off their awards and certificates for passing the AIMS tests.

FORT THOMAS — On Wednesday, Aug. 13, the San Carlos Apache Tribe awarded iPads and iPad Minis to 149 Fort Thomas students who met or exceeded each of the reading, writing and math AIMS tests.

Seniors who graduated this past May were given MacBook Airs to help them with their education in the future. Kendra McCabe, last year’s valedictorian, is attending Yale University this fall. Other students are currently enrolled at EAC and other training programs.
San Carlos Apache Tribal Chairman Terry Rambler spoke to students about the importance of education and the tribe’s upcoming plans to start a college next fall in cooperation with Arizona State University. Fort Thomas School Board President Myron Moses, along with other board members, congratulated students and encouraged others to pass their tests so they can receive awards in the future.

Representatives from the Arizona Department of Education visited the elementary and high school to observe what students and teachers are doing to improve scores. Fourth- and 10th-grade students earned the highest test scores in the district. The fourth grade increased math scores by 21 percent. The 10th grade increased reading by 25 percent and math by 26 percent.

Fort Thomas Elementary raised its school score to earn a B rating. Fort Thomas High School raised its school 17 points, one point shy of a B rating.

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