The 2021 Monsoon brought plenty of wet stuff to the Gila Valley.

Heading into this year's rainy season, southeast Arizona was classified as being in an "exceptional drought" and the National Weather Service gave the area an "even" chance of receiving a normal amount of rainfall, below average or above average.

Well, the area is now classified as being in a "moderate drought," said Chris Rasmussen, a meteorologist with the NWS.

"Having a solid monsoon activity significantly helped the drought classification," Rasmussen said.

In fact, the Safford Airport received 7.38 inches of rain from June 15-Sept. 30 compared to 0.83 inches during the same time period in 2020, 2.98 inches in 2019 and 4.56 inches in 2018, Rasmussen said.

As for this week's forecast, Rasmussen said we can expect to see overnight lows in the mid-50s and daytime temps in the mid-80s Wednesday through Friday. 

We'll be mostly sunny Wednesday and partly cloudy Thursday and Friday with a slight chance of showers on Friday, he said. 

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