The Town of Pima will be burning down a building on Tuesday night to make way for a new apartment complex near the center of town.

The complex will be located at 400 South and Main Street and construction is expected to begin in roughly a month, said Pima Town Manager Sean Lewis.

“It’s going to be either six or eight units, it depends on how much the builder can wedge into it and still maintain parking spaces,” Lewis said. “It’s phenomenal. It’s been our goal all along to have more in-fill in our growth than the outskirts. Anytime we have these dilapidated buildings in the middle of town it’s always our goal to replace them with new buildings so it doesn’t tax our infrastructure.”

The complex will definitely help fill a need, the town manager said.

“We don’t have any available rentals in Pima right now. We definitely need more,” said Lewis. “Our new home construction has been booming for two years asnd has been continuing to do so but we don’t have enough rental units in Pima.”

The dilapidated building was a known drug house, too, Lewis said. Getting rid of another place where people did illegal activities was also a plus, he said.

Pima Mayor C.B. Fletcher said he is also excited about the aspect of new rental housing coming to Pima.

“With added population comes added responsibility for the town,” Fletcher said. “I think that the town can handle it.”

Over the past three years, Fletcher said the Town of Pima has experienced more housing expansion than any other city or town in Graham County.

“Pima is growing,” Fletcher said. “Pima is just a nice place, it really is.”

Pima has been using the Pima Volunteer Fire Department to burn down dilapidated buildings for several years, reducing demolition costs to land owners, Lewis said.

Fletcher said he wished landowners would either build new homes or sell the parcels. Since many of parcels already have sewer hookups, the land sections are cheaper to build on than other areas outside of town, he said.

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