SAFFORD — The Safford Police Department is warning citizens to watch out for a new wave of phone scams in which some callers claim the would-be victim’s Social Security number has been compromised.

In at least one case, the scammer had the last four digits of the intended target’s Social Security number. Approximately a dozen cases of this scam have been reported recently.

The calls, which seem to come from phone numbers in Texas, have two variations. In one, the scammer claims to be from a Texas police department or the U.S. Marshal and says the intended victim’s Social Security number has been connected with a traffic stop in which drugs, a large amount of cash and even blood were found in a vehicle.

In the other version, the caller claims to be from the IRS and says there is a lien on the intended victim’s property.

The scammers, some of whom reportedly have heavy accents, will then ask citizens for their full Social Security number, full name and banking information.

At least one resident has reportedly fallen prey to this scam. It is important for citizens to remember that they should not give out personal information to anyone claiming to be from law enforcement or the IRS, which will not contact people over the phone.

Anyone who has received such a call, or has concerns about it, should contact local law enforcement or the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. Information on phone scams is also available at the Safford Police Department.

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