Solomon Elementary School will be getting new doors in the very near future after the district received $75,000 in funding from the Arizona School Facilities Board recently to replace their old wooden doors with new metal doors.

District Superintendent Kevin England said some of the doors in the building, especially the doors leading from the school’s media room to the courtyard, are probably the building’s original doors that were built and installed in 1928. Other wooden doors at the school were built and installed in the 1940s, England said.

Brenda Taylor, a part-time secretary at the school, was tasked with taking pictures of the damaged and worn doors, taking measurements and working with Cammie Corona, the school’s secretary, to apply for funding for the project with the SFB.

Because of Taylor and Corona’s hard work, the district will be getting 20 new metal doors with tempered, unbreakable, glass.

Taylor and England estimated the doors will be installed sometime in the next 10 weeks.

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England described the project as part of a continuing effort to upgrade the school’s facilities and infrastructure without having to take money out of the district’s capital funds.

The district was also awarded funds from the SFB to weatherize the school’s gym, which was built in 1967.

Previous projects at the district financed from funds from SFB include the construction of the schools playground, expansion of their cafeteria and an upgrade to the gym’s air conditioning system.

For their next project, the district hopes to obtain funding to put phones in every classroom.

“The SFB has been good to us,” England said.

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