Solomon School District officials are considering going to a four-day school week for students.

According to a recent survey conducted with parents and teachers, most are in favor of shortening the week for students, but they have many questions they'd like answered first, said Superintendent Kevin England.

They've got questions about childcare, homework levels, meals and the potential impact on grades, he said.

To get those questions answered, England said he and a handful of teachers will be meeting with other districts in the area in April.

"Right now we can't answer all of the pros and cons," he said.

Teachers have expressed an interest in moving to the new schedule because they believe it would give them time on Fridays to work on professional development and to collaborate on projects and other things, England said.

Theoretically, students who are struggling could have access to tutoring on Fridays, as well, England said.

Another survey will be conducted during parent-teacher conferences following the April visits, he said.

If the K-8 district moves forward, the plan would go into effect in August, England said.

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