Lane Adair, lead guitarist and vocalist for the band, Better Than I, believes it's time to have a conversation about suicide.

Adair, a 25-year-old from Safford, said he struggles personally with bipolar depression and anxiety and would like to ease the stigma of having mental health issues. The band performs a heavy metal punk mix of music highlighting the issues people struggling with mental health face. The band's name is an attempt at illustrating that they are trying to be better than themselves, Adair said. 

Better than I is just one band that will be performing Jan. 1 at The Shed in Pima. Attendees will be encouraged to donate to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline online.

“We all go through it, we are touched by suicide in one way or another,” Adair said. “Now we’re raising awareness and gathering donations.”

At times the band receives angry letters from people objecting to their lyrics. However, Adair said some people come up to them after a show and say their songs illustrated their personal struggles and life experiences.

During the show, Adair's bandmates will raffle off a seven-string guitar. Attendee names will be entered into the pot only after people show they have donated to the hotline with a receipt. 

“We’re trying to start this year on a good note,” he said.

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