SAFFORD — A woman jailed for trespassing at one store also faces charges of shoplifting from another, along with fraudulent schemes and a second trespassing count.

On the morning of Oct. 31, a Safford Police officer arrested Jennifer Tarlton, 34, for criminal trespass outside the Firth Park Circle K. Store employees told the officer that Tarlton, despite being previously trespassed, entered the store multiple times the night before and that morning, harassing customers for cigarettes and money.

Tarlton was booked into the Graham County Jail without incident.

However, while searching Tarlton, the officer found two apparently new bras, with Walmart tags still attached. Tarlton reportedly claimed a friend gave her the bras. Tarlton also had several pieces of jewelry and a pair of sunglasses. Learning Tarlton was also trespassed from Walmart, the officer asked asset protection to review store video.

According to the officer’s report, Tarlton was seen on video placing the bras, jewelry and sunglasses into a plastic grocery bag she brought into Walmart. She then left the store without paying for the items. After viewing the video, the officer spoke to Tarlton at the jail. Tarlton admitted taking the items, which the officer retrieved and returned to Walmart.

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