Misty Thompson

Local author Misty Thompson, whose first short work was published Dec. 1, is now writing a full-length book.

SAFFORD — With one published story now under her belt, Misty Thompson is engaged in her next work — a full-length book centered on the 1993 disappearance and unsolved death of her sister, Stephanie Proffitt.

Thompson’s first published work, which she wrote as Misty Proffitt-Thompson, was titled “Spreading Peace by Restoring Self-Love.” It was part of a book called “The Peacemakers,” released by Transcendent Press on Dec. 1.

Thompson called “Spreading Peace” a kind of segue to her current book, which will also be published by Transcendent Press.

“The main book I’m working on is for my sister, Stephanie Proffitt. I’m hoping it will be done in February or March,” Thompson said.

She added that the book will deal with more than the facts of the case.

“It’s a story about the tragedy that happened to her; it’s a spiritual story as well,” Thompson said.

Proffitt disappeared in August 1993 while riding with her ex-husband, Andreas Goodrum, and was found two months later in the desert east of Safford. Goodrum claimed that he left her, alive, along Haekel Road. Some, including Thompson and Proffitt’s mother, Norma Matlock, believed he may have killed her. The case remains unsolved.

“This book has been in the making since she disappeared,” Thompson said. “We knew at some point there was going to be a book written.”

She added that Matlock had planned to write that book, but “when it came time, she just couldn’t do it. It was too much for her.”

Thompson promised to take up the project, using Matlock’s journals, on retiring from the Safford Federal Correctional Institute.

“I have probably six or seven three-ring binders full of information,” she said. “I went through all of that and just knew it was something we were going to do.

“It’s about what happened to Stephanie. It’s going to be my take of the story. It goes back to us growing up together, what led her to that situation. It’s actual facts that I think a lot of people will be surprised about because I don’t think people realized all of the things that happened.

“I don’t want that to be the focus of the book.

“Once I tell her story, how the tragedy started, then that’s where my spiritual story starts because, during the time she was missing, she was coming to me spiritually, looking for guidance and help. Back then, I had no idea if that was real or not, but now I feel confident. I believe it’s real.

Not only does it talk about Stephanie’s journey but how, because of her, I’m able to go on my spiritual journey. We helped each other on our journeys.”

She added that as a first-time writer, she received plenty of help from her publisher.

“She was very patient. She’s offering suggestions and no question is too small,” Thompson said.

Thompson is also a member of the Safford Creative Writing Club. “That has helped open up some different ways of looking at things and learning from other people,” she said.

“The Peacemakers,” which features works by 21 female authors, is available on Thompson’s website, www.mistymthompson.com, and through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Each of us was just given the title of the book and told to go with it how we will,” Thompson said. “I’m hoping the people who read “The Peacemakers” will also be interested in my sister’s story.”

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