Graham County Sheriff's Office

Graham County Sheriff’s Office

GRAHAM COUNTY — In the early hours of Oct. 6, residents on Cholla Street in Thunderbird Mobile Estates were awakened by several small explosions, and then stepped outside to see a vacant mobile home aflame.

According to a Graham County Sheriff’s Office report, several residents said the mobile home had been empty for about two years, since its last resident passed away. However, one resident said to deputies he was told an older couple lived there. He broke down the door when no one answered but found the trailer empty.

One witness reported hearing “three small bangs,” then a louder explosion a few minutes later. Going outside, the witness saw an orange glow, then walked down the street and saw the residence aflame. Other residents also reported the explosions, which, according to the report, were continuing when a deputy arrived.

Upon arrival, the deputy found no one outside the residence and no vehicles parked there. However, vehicles seem to have been found subsequently, since the deputy reported tracing the owners of “vehicles at this address.”

The Safford Fire Department extinguished the flames. The cause of the fire was unknown; all utilities to the residence had been turned off. There was reportedly no sign of anyone living there.

With the door broken and deputies unable to contact the apparent homeowners, the deputy left the fire report and contact information for the Sheriff’s Office near the door of the residence.

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