Voter Registration

PHOENIX — Voter registration saw an upswing statewide in the second quarter of 2019, with Democrats and Republicans making equal gains.

Graham and Greenlee counties also climbed as of July 1.

According to data released by the Secretary of State’s Office, Graham County’s total voter registration was at 18,533 as of July 1, 2019, up 260 from April and up 370 from January.

Meanwhile, Greenlee County’s number of registered voters is at 4,650, up 41 from April and up 66 from January.

Statewide, the number of registered voters climbed from 3.77 million in April to 3.82 million in July, up 1.2 percent.

Locally, Republicans posted gains, while Democrats fell in Greenlee County.

In Graham County, registered Republicans increased from 8,519 in April to 8,644 in July. Meanwhile, in Greenlee County, the GOP rolls increased from 1,441 to 1,467 during that same time period.

Democrats fared better in Graham than in Greenlee. In Graham, the number of Dems increased from 5,190 in April to 5,210 in July, a three-tenths of 1-percent increase, while in Greenlee the number of Democrats decreased from 1,843 to 1,839, a two-tenths of 1- percent drop.

Green Party voters remained at three in Greenlee County, while the number in Graham held at 12. Libertarians gained four in Graham County, climbing from 87 to 91, while climbing from 36 to 38 in Greenlee.

Independents in Graham County grew from 4,465 in April to 4,576 in July, and increased from 1,286 from 1,303 in Greenlee.

Statewide, Republicans continue to rule the roost, with 1.33 million registered voters. There are 1.19 million registered Democrats and 1.27 million voters who have registered as independent or declared no party preference.

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