SAFFORD — The field across from Walmart was cleaned again last Saturday as a new partnership has been formed with Southeastern Arizona Clean and Beautiful and the Safford Walmart Supercenter.

“Saturday went great. We had a great group of employees who showed up, and (Walmart store manager) Brian (Adams) was the second person out there. We are very happy to do this whenever we can,” said Tim Linden, of SEACAB. “This is the first official cleanup partnering with Walmart, and we hope to do this again. (Whether) it’s monthly (or) quarterly, we are happy to work with them.”

SEACAB board members joined with eight Walmart employees and volunteers early Saturday morning to clean the field on 8th Street, across from the Walmart parking lot. Walmart provided the trash bags, water for volunteers and hauled away the collected trash.

“It was a really great deal,” Adams said, “and we’re going to continue to do this kind of stuff. SEACAB is a great organization, and I want to be able to help. We got a great turnout, and I hope that we can make this a monthly thing.”

The SEACAB and Walmart crew picked up roughly 14 bags of trash, and a SEACAB cleanup member found an item that had been stolen from the store, which was returned.

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