SAFFORD — A woman was arrested for shoplifting in late October after reportedly stealing items from two different stores the same day.

According to a Safford Police report, on the afternoon of Oct. 28, a Walmart asset protection employee saw two females hiding items in bags. One of the women, later identified as Tonya Nofchissey, 28, placed several cell phone cases in her purse. The employee approached the two and asked them to return the items; the second woman, who was not identified in the report, complied.

Nofchissey reportedly handed over several alcohol shooters, then fled the store and headed to Safeway. A Thatcher Police officer met Nofchissey, who gave a different name, inside Safeway. After confirming Nofchissey was the same woman who fled Walmart, a Safford officer asked the Thatcher officer to arrest her. Nofchissey subsequently provided her real name, and County Dispatch confirmed she had an arrest warrant out of Thatcher City Court for assault.

The Walmart incident apparently did not deter Nofchissey from further shoplifting at Safeway; she reportedly admitted stealing a bottle of liquor and a soda found in her purse from the latter store after fleeing Walmart.

Two bottles of nail polish from Walmart were also found in her purse. Nofchissey said she had removed the phone cases from her purse and placed them on a shelf as she left Walmart. She reportedly admitted stealing more nail polish and some Halloween face paint, which she discarded in a wash between the two stores. According to the police report, Nofchissey guided an officer to the spot where she dropped the items, which were recovered.

Nofchissey was cited for both shoplifting cases, as well as providing false information, and trespassed from both stores. She was then booked into the Graham County Jail on her warrant.

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