SAFFORD — A traffic stop in east Safford earlier this month ended up netting small several heroin packages, individually wrapped for sale.

After he observed a red SUV pulling a trailer that had no working brake lights or turn signals, a Safford Police officer pulled the vehicle over on Entertainment Avenue. In addition to the nonworking trailer lights, the SUV’s license plate was expired. Later in the stop, the officer was advised the driver’s license had also expired. After plugging in the cable to the trailer, the driver was ultimately given a citation and called someone to pick her, one of her passengers and the SUV up.

A second passenger, identified as Krisha Granatowski, 27, went to a different destination; the Graham County Jail.

Granatowski reportedly seemed nervous during the traffic stop but consented to a search of her person and her backpack. The backpack contained a syringe, a spoon with drug residue and a plastic seal with a small piece of a black tar substance resembling heroin.

Nothing was found on Granatowski in the initial search. However, advised to tell the officer if she had more, Granatowski reportedly hesitated, then admitted having more of the drug in her pants. A female Safford officer was called to conduct a second search and retrieved a clear plastic seal with several packages of a substance that later tested positive for heroin.

The packages appeared to be individually marked for sale. Granatowksi reportedly said they contained about a gram and a half of heroin. When questioned about selling the drug, she reportedly said she did not wish to talk about it.

Granatowski was booked on charges of possession of a narcotic drug, possession of a narcotic drug for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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