Dennis Thompson

Dennis “Boney” Thompson was born Feb. 18, 1958 to the late Danny Thompson and Carmelite Key-Belvado. He grew up in Crown Point, N.M., and later moved to San Carlos.

In his eighth-grade year, he came to live with his uncle, Raleigh, and Joanne Thompson, who took him as their own.

He attended Globe High School and graduated in 1977. He participated in sports, such as football, basketball and track. After high school he went to the military and served with the Marines Corps, for several months. He also attended Mesa Community College for a year.

Dennis started his long forestry career beginning in the late ‘80s with the SWFF & Fire Use crews as a crew boss, firing boss, crew representative, taskforce leader, strike team leader, division superintendent, field observer and RX burn boss 1 and 2.

Then he moved to the BIA engine crew, where he was an engine boss for several (four) years. He then moved from fire to work for Forestry as a forestry technician from 1990-2002 on the timber crew, “Timber Cats.” Many remember him for the time the Timber Cats played in tournaments as a forestry basketball team in the local Recreation Department League. Timber Cats were made up of Forestry employees.

After working for the timber crew, Dennis was a prescribed burn program manager for three to four years. He then moved to the SWFF Program as a SWFF coordinator, recruiting community members to join the SWFF Program until he retired in 2015, after approximately 30 years of Forestry service with the Tribe.

He started to get itchy fingers and went back to work for TANF for approximately two years as a driver and maintenance/construction and, just this past Monday, he was to start as a driver for the Transportation Department.

Boney enjoyed the mountains and he loved to hunt. When we were younger, his uncle Raleigh would get so mad at him because he would go through a box of bullets and have no kill.

He also liked to go racking; he would walk all over the mountains and he knew is way around. He was a guy who helped others, gathering wood, helping someone building their camp for dances or working on the car.

During football season he loved to watch the Cardinals play.

We all will miss Boney, especially his sense of his humor.

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