I imagine most readers thought slavery was around long before Moses led the Israelites out of ancient Egypt a few thousand years ago. Or, that’s how I remember it.

Guess I was wrong.

During a speech before the Senate, on June 16, 2020, Tim Kaine — who must be a smart guy because he’s a U.S. senator — remarked “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.”

Throw-out the history books and forget everything you may have learned about slavery. Virginia Democrat U.S. Sen. Kaine has recently proclaimed his version of the subject: It’s America’s fault.

At least he didn’t blame President Trump. Not yet, anyway.

Later, Kaine walked-back some of his remarks and omitted his assertion that the U.S. “created” slavery. Not totally unexpected. After all, he’s a politician.

I get Kaine’s motives in making such an absurd statement — condemning the United States for everything wrong in the world is fashionable and may garner a few votes. Plus, he reasons, destructive riots in numerous big cities is further evidence racial inequalities and prejudices are still perceived to be a significant issue.

So much, that a Boston statue of President Abe Lincoln — who signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863 freeing the slaves — isn’t considered “woke” enough to satisfy the radical left. The statue must come down.

Nor, apparently, was a multi-year Civil War sufficient sacrifice in which hundreds of thousands of white individuals died in order to preserve the country and abolish the institution of slavery.

When will Mt. Rushmore be declared racist and dynamited into oblivion? Or, the Washington Monument dismantled, determined to be representative of forced servitude because George Washington owned slaves?

Admittedly, slavery is a part of our history. It existed, but we’ve been striving to eradicate its consequences for over 150 years. However, destroying monuments or altering literature is not going to erase it, any more than Mr. Kaine’s speeches to twist people’s perceptions will disguise what actually happened.

Burning cities, demolishing property, plundering businesses and killing innocent people will not change things. Opinions and attitudes won’t be cooperatively revised by the use of violence, later followed by forced government compliance. Such actions only extend an already unpleasant situation by muting creative ideas and mutual dialogue.

Even more absurd is the fact large portions of the inner-cities where the rioting and destruction took place is inhabited by minority populations. They have, in effect, burned and looted from themselves.

If “Black Lives Matter” then don’t their homes and businesses also matter? What have they gained by destroying their own neighborhoods?

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