It took a pandemic for the United States House of Representatives to finally admit it has become a victim of its own bumbling behavior.

On May 15, the Democratically controlled House voted to approve a rule change that would permit members to “work-from-home.” In effect, declaring themselves a “nonessential business.”

As usual, they’re late to the party. Everyone else has known this for years.

Dumping centuries of constitutional and congressional history, House Dems managed to do what the Civil War, and both World Wars couldn’t achieve — “stay home and stay safe.”

The Senate and President however, are still showing-up to work. Guess they’re sort of old fashioned.

Ironically, House members decided to pull their stunt the same time the country is gradually reopening and getting back to some semblance of normalcy. “This House must continue legislating” insists Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-D), chairman of the House Rules Committee. “And we have to do so in a way that is safe for all those around us.”

Excellent point. If they would just remain permanently burrowed in their home’s basement we’d all be safer.

Fortunately, for Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives (CA-D), the opportunity to remain home full time with her new $24,000 refrigerator/freezer crammed with expensive gourmet ice cream, is a dream come true.

Is this lady completely out of touch with the real world?

Seems the Democrats have taken the term “social distancing” to a whole new level. While individual House Members may be safely sheltered, presumably their staff will remain in Washington, D.C., exposed to all kinds of pathogens and other dangerous political germs lurking around the nation’s capitol.

Supposedly, lawmakers will no longer have to be present to discuss proposed legislation or to vote. They will perform these tasks by proxy — having someone else at the Capitol do it for them.

What could possibly go wrong?

Already, there’s talk the COVID-19 excuse could remain in place for several years until the Halls of Congress have been thoroughly scrubbed infectious-free and absolutely nonthreatening before these highly compensated prima donnas decide to reappear. Or, until President Trump is no longer in office.

To make sure the Capitol doesn’t become contagious again, it might be a good idea if these buffoons never returned. Let them experience what nearly everyone else has endured the past several months: Close your business, stay home, stay out of work, stay off the beaches, stay out of school, stay away from Disneyland and the Grand Canyon, stay out of public parks, stay out of restaurants, stay out of theaters, stay away from elderly parents and grandparents, stay out of church, stay out of casinos, stay away from sporting events, stay out of motels, stay out of gyms, stay out of libraries, stay away from funerals, stay out of airports, stay out of barber shops, stay out of hair and nail salons, wear your mask and stay six feet apart.

Stay away from everything the government says you should stay away from, especially dopey politicians reassuring us they’re looking out for our best interests!

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