Warren Petersen means well, but the consequences of what he’s proposing and the track record of the State Legislature in funding public education portend a dire outcome.

Donald Trump has angered progressives in so many ways recently — including mean tweets to Swedish teenagers, mean letters to the speaker of the House, and mean comments about women in the Squad — that it’s difficult to recall the earliest days of their animus. But a recent incident reminded …

During the impeachment inquiry hearings, a law professor tried to make a joke about the Constitution’s limiting the power of a president, by saying he can name his son Baron, but that doesn’t make the child an actual baron.

On Nov. 22, 2019, on his website TruNews.com, Pastor Rick Wiles, of Flowing Streams Church of Vero Beach, Fla., expressed his opposition to the impeachment inquiry — and likely vote to impeach — of President Donald Trump.

The latest Democratic presidential debate was disappointing. Not because the participants weren’t articulate — in fact, many of their answers were excellent — but because the DNC and the networks can’t seem to figure out how to conduct a meaningful competition that will actually help voters …

As October came to a close, the CEO of Twitter made a startling announcement — the social media platform would not take paid political advertising in 2020.

When one is ready to support a charitable cause, it can be daunting to choose which will receive your support — especially here in the Gila Valley where there are so many worthwhile nonprofit organizations doing great work.