As October came to a close, the CEO of Twitter made a startling announcement — the social media platform would not take paid political advertising in 2020.

When one is ready to support a charitable cause, it can be daunting to choose which will receive your support — especially here in the Gila Valley where there are so many worthwhile nonprofit organizations doing great work.

If you are starting a small business — home based or opening a brick-and-mortar location — and you are working with a business adviser who recommends using social media as your primary marketing tool, immediately walk away from that adviser and never go back.

We often rail on this page against corporate lobbying, specifically the purchasing of congressmen and senators by the fossil fuel industry, pharmaceutical and insurance corporations, and the for-profit prison and education industries.

Almost 51 percent of Arizona voters in the 2016 election favored Gov. Doug Ducey’s solution to the long and painful education funding crisis.

On Monday, some of the most powerful businessmen and women in America gathered together and came to the conclusion that focusing solely on increasing shareholder value may not be the best thing for the American economy.