Voters can do the Republican Party a big favor next month by defeating Donald Trump and by throwing out some of his most gag-inducing Republican lackeys in Congress, like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

I served two terms as a conservative Republican senator, and, as a member of the Armed Services Committee, I worked with Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush to win the Cold War and build a strong economy.

Upon completion of my second term, I went home to New Hampshire, consistent with my term-limit principles.

Under Donald Trump, the GOP is neither conservative, principled nor even a party. For the first time in its 156-year history, the GOP chose not to adopt a platform at its 2020 convention.

What, then, does it stand for? What are its principles?

Good questions. It stands for whatever Donald Trump tweets in his latest rant. Trump has turned the GOP into a wacky, erratic cult.

Not only is Trump unprincipled, he’s utterly inept.

Ask the families and friends of the 215,000 Americans who so far have died horrible COVID-19 deaths, slowly suffocating while cut off even from family.

Trump has refused to lead — refusing to wear a mask, exposing senior White House staff as well as Marine guards, butlers, kitchen and cleaning staff to his virus, and encouraging his supporters to gather in close quarters at his rallies.

While Trump downplays the pandemic, governors are forced to patch together state-by-state responses. Instead of a strong national response, even to this day we have 50 frantic, fragmented state responses and no nationwide testing and tracing program. No wonder we have more than twice the COVID deaths per capita than Canada.

Meanwhile, millions of our families are suffering privation from unemployment. Another 300,000 jobs were lost in September, according to the Labor Department. Over 11 million jobs have been lost in the last eight months.

Trump likes to blame all this suffering on the “China virus,” as he calls it. In fact, it’s the “Trump virus.” We have 4 percent of the world population, but we’ve suffered 20 percent of the deaths, thanks to Trump’s deliberate deception and dereliction of duty.

Trump is just plain mean and nasty, as everyone saw during the debate. What kind of example does he set for our children, when he interrupts, heckles, sneers, resorts to name-calling and argues with the moderator?

In truth, Trump is a child. He’s pathetically and pathologically self-centered, squalling constantly, throwing tantrums, spending half the day on his Twitter-potty, fouling civil discourse.

How can anyone work with such a poor excuse of a human being? In fact, many cannot. No modern president has gone through more cabinet secretaries and key White House staff. This is dangerous.

Serious crises are bearing down on us. China, Russia, North Korea, Iran. The world is a powder-keg and Trump is a torch. For reasons of national security alone, we need to douse Trump and elect Joe Biden.

I worked for 12 years with Joe Biden in the Senate. As with many other members of Republicans for Integrity, I know him well. I like him. I respect him. I trust him to restore calm, confidence and competence to the White House, as well as dignity and decorum.

I left the Republican Party, because of Donald Trump. And now, I urge all fellow independents and disgusted Republicans to join me in supporting Joe Biden, for the sake of world peace, for the sake of a safe, prosperous America, for the sake of healthy families — even for the sake of restoring a sane, principled Republican Party.

Gordon Humphrey served as a Republican Senator from New Hampshire from 1979 through 1990 and is a member of Republicans for Integrity, which is a group of Republican former Members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives who place people before partisan politics.

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