When the Democrats won the House in 2018, we wondered how long it would take before the Dems found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The answer, it turns out, is four months.

Following the release of the Mueller Report, the call for impeachment of President Trump is getting louder.

Last summer, U.S. Rep Maxine Waters, D-Calif., was basically the lone voice calling for Trump’s impeachment, but shortly after being sworn in, freshman U.S. Rep. Rashida Talib, D-Mich., said the Dems would impeach Trump, using a profanity to describe the president.

Now U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., using Mueller’s report showing multiple instances of Trump allegedly attempting to obstruct the investigation, is calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Warren announced her candidacy for president in 2020. She’s the first candidate to call for impeachment and, we suspect, won’t be the last.

We bring all this up to point out that if the Democrats pursue impeachment, they are on a fool’s errand.

First, Trump has a solid base of 30 percent of Americans who believe him no matter what evidence is presented. Why they believe a man who has failed at every business venture with the exception of self-promotion, we don’t know, but they do.

Impeaching Trump will not only not convince those people that Trump engaged in criminal activity, it will galvanize their support.

Then there’s the issue of the Senate.

The House impeaches, which basically is a hearing on whether there are grounds to conduct a hearing over removal. The Senate, which is in Republican hands, conducts the hearing on removal, which means Trump ain’t going nowhere.

An impeachment hearing will make Democrats feel good but, in the end, will accomplish nothing . . . except make Trump look like a victim, which appeals to his base. And, as we know, self-declared victimization equals power in today’s political world.

Impeachment could likely result in a second term for Trump and lose Democrats seats in the House.

On the other hand, if Democrats focus on the issues that Americans really cared about — the lack of access to quality, affordable health care; rising pharmaceutical prices; the widening wage gap; protection of Medicare and Social Security — and stuck to congressional oversight of the executive branch, there is a chance that Trump could be a one-term president and Democrats could capture the White House.

And if Democrats are bound and determined to punish Trump for what’s contained in the Mueller report, taking the White House is key. That’s because Trump can be indicted for any alleged crimes committed while in office only after he leaves office, and the statute of limitations on those alleged crimes expires in 2022.

A single term for Trump makes prosecution possible, and a Democrat president means no chance of a pre-emptive pardon, like what Ford did for Nixon following Nixon’s resignation.

As we said earlier, victory for the Democrats is within their grasp — even if Trump is never indicted, capturing the White House, gaining seats in the Senate and holding the House would be a massive win in 2020.

Let’s see if the Democrats are smart enough to take the “W” or if they will lose it all on a move guaranteed to fail.


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