Do you still think the election was stolen and want Trump back in the White House? I want you to know how confused those of us who have accepted the results of the election are. “What’s wrong with them?” “I don’t understand.” And that leads to talk of cultism as an explanation.

By definition a member of a cult has a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

When we think of a cult in America, Jonestown and Waco come to mind. Actually Isis and Al Qaeda are cults as well. Cult members truly believe in their cause or leader so much so that they cannot be swayed with any amount of logic or reason or facts.

You’ve probably heard stories of families attempting to rescue a family member from a cult. “Brainwashing” and “mind control” are used synonymously with the word cult. We are told not to confront the cult member, but we are to keep communication open with them.

When it’s millions of Americans and it threatens our elections, isn’t there anything we can do? Some of the things I’ve heard from Trump Republicans include:

• The election was stolen

• Jan 6 was led by Antifa and organized by the FBI

• Democrats have a secret child pornography and child sex trafficking ring

• Democrats want a socialist nation

• Dems will take all guns away

• Dems want to get rid of police

• The rioters during BLM were the same as the rioters at the Capitol

• Trump is chosen by God

• Biden has dementia

• The Dems want open borders

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• COVID was a Democratic plan to get rid of Trump

• Masks don’t work

• Fauci has blood on his hands

• COVID is no worse than the flu

• The death numbers are greatly exaggerated

• Vaccines are dangerous

• White supremest are Patriots

• There were no weapons used on Jan 6

• Jan 6 was peaceful, like a tourist visit

How can anyone really believe these things? Excellent manipulators besides Trump include Tucker Carlson, deceased medal of honor winner Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Laura Ingram. Less good, but trying to get better, are the likes of Ron Johnson, Matthew Gaetz, the pillow guy, Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Flynn, Jim Jordan.

I’m sure I missed many. With their lies and spreading fear, they have convinced good people that Democrats will ruin our country in the next four years. Common sense tells me that’s not even possible.

Trump followers have become very nasty. They disrupt school board meetings, threaten people who disagree with them, cause fights on airlines over masks, cuss out Walmart greeters, spread lies on social media, spend months recounting already counted ballots, fly flags with “f...Biden," would rather die than get a “Democrat" COVID vaccine. They injured 140 Capitol police officers on Jan. 6 and tell us it was no big deal. They have “drunk the Kool-Aid” of lies and misinformation.

Brainwashed is at least an explanation.

Paula Price lives in Safford.

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