Graham, Greenlee report more COVID-19 deaths, ICU numbers on the rise

“Take it serious people,” Lee Cordova Rios

“This makes me so sad,” Ashley Wood

“Ashley Wood, ditto,” Kayleen Leachet

“Ashley Wood, me too. After losing our dad to COVID, it’s not something to laugh about. We watched as this virus destroyed his body,” Jackie Bryce

“Jackie Bryce, me too. It’s so awful for people to think it’s all a joke, especially when you lose someone close to you like our dads,” Ashley Wood

“Honestly, the people that would laugh react to something that has to do with death are disgusting and it shows exactly what kind of a person they are,” Keely Blake

More than 700 people signed up for 16th Annual Pima Turkey Trot

“Huge number, given the population,” Elson Bond

New program focuses on students’ well-being

“Love this!” Jonnet Woods

“Awesome work Katie and Ashley. Must be fun to go to school with these two counselors,” Kenny Smith

“Awesome! You ladies rock!” Katrina Lunt

“Ashley and Katie do so much for our school. Thank you,” Maira Cabrera Grimes

“Ashley Scorse and Katie Williams, you two are awesome,” Emily Ellerman Curtis

VanScoyk receives 10-month prison sentence in PPP scam

“If I stole that amount of money, yeah, the key would get thrown away. Should be 10 years minimum,” Chris J. Taylor

“This statement ‘his problem is people are jealous of him as he has been very successful in his early year.’ Wow! No accountability in this statement,” Tracey Green O’Donnal

“If he was such an upstanding citizen, he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in right now. It’s laughable when people think they are untouchable,” Brandie Lynn

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