Sam Turner loves music, family and the Suns

“Great article. I hope the Suns take a look at his work,” Tad Jacobson

“That’s my boy. Congratulations Sam,” Greg Bejarano

“That’s awesome,” Becky Soto

Deadly Delta variant of COVID-19 spreading rapidly in Arizona

“It’s nothing but a bunch of lies,” Jeff Duncan

“Here we go again,” Nathan L. Jurado

“It’s not fake. I have a child who has the Delta COVID virus and she can’t come home because of it. It’s not a joke, it’s not fake, it’s real. Just because it ain’t happening in your family doesn’t make it any less real. It’s very real in our family,” Sarina Baeza

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“Sarina Baeza, I agree. My husband and mother-in-law got it. She is fighting for her life at Mercy Gilbert. It is super fast. In less than a week, she is on her death bed. Please don’t let your guard down. We were more dismissive of it, until it hit home. It become very real,” Jamie Koschmann DiGiovanni

“People who are getting the disease and giving it to friends and relatives are 98% unvaccinated. I call it culling the herd of the stupid is as stupid does,” Mary Bosch

Garage fire

“Thank you Safford Fire Department. They saved our home,” Robert Ortega

Peoria group behind marijuana initiative petition

“No one in Graham County has died from weed. Heroin and meth are the actual problems in the community...” Rachel Boivin

“Why would they want to drive legal sellers out of the business? That would expand the black market, and all of the problems that go along with it. If the goal is to reduce drug addiction and drug-related crime, we need to be focusing on the opiate and meth epidemics, instead of a now legal, regulated product,” Tom Sanders

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