First, a disclosure statement: I was brought up Republican in a farm family in Missouri in the 1940s, when Missouri was part of the “solid South”, meaning solidly Democrat. And farmers were thought to be especially “solid”. So you see, I’ve always been something of a contrarian.

I’ve always voted Republican for president. The only Democrats I might have supported for president are Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland, certainly nobody in the 20th or 21st centuries thus far.

The Republican Party was born in 1854 because the Whigs had become ossified and unresponsive to the concerns of the people (especially slavery at that time). The Republican Party became the party of freedom and individual liberties, individual opportunities and individual responsibility.

The Democrat Party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow laws and the KKK. It has become the party of identity politics, of playing one group against the others to gain power. Now it is the party of socialism and “social justice” and mobs and riots and open borders.

The Republican Party used to be the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility, but now both parties are fiscally irresponsible. A drunken sailor has to stop spending when his pocket is empty, but the federal and state governments nowadays don’t stop spending when they are broke.

Now is the time for a new party, a party that will listen to the concerns of the people, not just the bureaucrats and politicians. The preamble to the Constitution of the United States begins: “We the people of the United States …”. It does not say, “We the coastal elites”, or “We the swamp creatures”, or “We the snobs of the big cities”.

I support Donald Trump because he is not a politician with a mouthful of weasel words and lawyer-speak. He calls a spade a spade, whether the elites like it or not.

Today both parties are dominated by establishment hacks who have become professional politicians, individuals whose only concern is gaining and manipulating power and wealth.

We need a fresh start, a nationalist-populist party that will put America first and listen to ordinary citizens. Such a party will be a home for many of today’s Independents and for Republicans who have a spine and for the Democrats who don’t support murdering the unborn up to the moment of birth.

Like the Whigs, both parties today are dead to the concerns of ordinary people. Establishing a new American Constitutionalist Populist Party won’t be easy to do, but it is the only hope of preserving our liberties and a measure of national security.

Jerrold R. Shouse


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