I noticed a mayonnaise label proclaiming “Made with cage free eggs”.

A little research found there a growing movement which feels it cruel to raise chickens in confined areas for eggs or meat.

Chickens, in their eyes, ought be treated humanely. Chickens should be raised outside, on the grass, with fresh air, sunshine and room to roam.

The “regular” industry notes commercial farms offer chickens “…climate controlled barns where they’re protected from the elements, predators, and disease.”

Should chickens be allowed to roam freely, exposed to danger? or Should chickens be kept in barns were they are safe?

Too bad there is no movement for “Cage Free People”.

Big Brother has decided the world is “dangerous” and “caged” us for our own “protection”. Putting millions out of work, closing tens of thousands of businesses and ruining quality of life throughout the world in the name of “safety”.

Am I the only one who notes even “experts” say all this disruption will, at best, “flatten the curve”?

The virus will continue to spread until herd immunity is achieved. Herd immunity is achieved when a “large percentage” of the population has been exposed. Until then the virus will continue to spread regardless of what we do.

Those in extreme risk can take extreme measures.

The rest of us need to lead “cage free” lives.

By the way--chickens don’t wear masks.

Who is the “bird brain”?

David Morse

Pima, AZ

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