Life should come with a warning label saying something like this: WARNING: Living is hazardous to your health. Research reveals that those who have died were previously engaging in a risky behavior, known as life.

There is risk involved in everything we do. Rational people decide whether or not to engage in a given activity by evaluating the degree of risk they perceive to be involved. For most of us, sky diving and bull riding are too risky, but not for others. We choose for ourselves. My choices have served me well for eighty years, and still counting.

I honor signs in stores that indicate patrons should wear masks. That is simple courtesy. In the beginning, when nobody really knew much about the COVID virus, exaggerated caution was not unreasonable. Things are different now. We know much more. Many people are now vaccinated. If I hide under my bed and live in constant fear until the day that they tell me there is no risk, the way some “experts” demand we should do, I have no life. Life involves risk. Only the dead are perfectly safe.

Jerrold R. Shouse


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