It is so very sad. It is so sad when the life of an innocent child, who has no defense, is considered expendable, of no value, though a human child in what should be the safest place of all, the womb of their mother.

That defenseless child, because of the act of seven black-robed unelected people, who constitute the Supreme Court, can be torn limb from limb, or murdered chemically and removed from the womb. It is the slavery of our day. And black unborn babies are targeted by Planned Parenthood to be the largest percentage of those aborted.

That was Margaret Sanger’s, the found of Planned Parenthood, plan to do away with those she felt inferior.

There was no constitutional right to kill another human being under the guise of a woman’s reproductive rights. How can any such right over ride the right to life?

Let us truly be one nation under God, with liberty and justice, not just for some, but for all. We should never stop defending life until all our brothers and sisters are protected.

— Judith Warren,


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