I am writing on behalf of residents of the Klondyke community who knew our neighbor, Daniel Sirmans, very well. I was not present, but told about some very meaningful acts of kindness done by a nurse who works ay Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center.

On Jan. 21, Dan and his little dog, Chula, went to Safford for a doctor’s appointment and to shop. He usually took Chula with him. He had no idea he’d end up in MGRMC with pneumonia that day. Chula had to be left alone in the truck.

The nurse mentioned above offered to take her to her own home while Dan was in the hospital. He and Chula returned home Jan. 23.

Dan lived alone and had severed medical problems for a very long time. He always worried about what would happen to his little companion, Chula (actually Chula III). Dan was found passed away Jan. 25. Chula was left alone again.

Some neighbors contacted the hospital to try to find out who the nurse was. She received the message and called back to say she would adopt Chula. Before the day was over, she, her daughter and son came to pick her up.

We still don’t know the name of the nurse but hope she receives this message from the Klondyke residents.

Ginny Schnell


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