Editor: Innocent until proven guilty: That’s an interesting concept, but what if the person “proven guilty” is actually innocent? What if the person was only being held or convicted on only a single statement told to more than one person — the only “evidence” that was being presented to convict this person of a crime he never committed? There was no physical evidence to tie this person to the crime whatsoever, so please tell me how we can convict someone who is indeed innocent with just a statement?

The person I speak of is Bradley Farrington. He was a hardworking, community-protecting police officer in Silver City, N.M. He was going through a long divorce and custody battle with his then-wife, Cassy. They were separated, living in separate homes at the time of her death. Cassy was also living with and engaged to be married to another man, David Berry.

On March 24, 2014, Cassy’s life was taken from her. It was an unfortunate and horrible event. Everyone has heard Cassy’s side, but no one has ever heard Brad’s side, and it’s time.

At first, when this happened, the Sheriff’s Department had nothing to go on. Then, because of a statement made by Cassy before she died that was the only thing the Sheriff’s Department had to go on, it was apparently enough to issue a warrant for Brad’s arrest.

It has been said this case is based on domestic violence, but there is no evidence of such. There were no police reports and no hospital or doctor statements. Cassy was employed as a nurse at the time of her death and told many co-workers, also nurses, that her husband was going to kill her.

Well, wouldn’t they be obligated to report it to not only a hospital administrator but also the police if a woman was being abused or thought someone would kill her? There is no record of her abuse being reported to the hospital administrator, much less the police by these “witnesses” who testified in court. All they had was one statement that she told other people, but no one thought to report it or help her?

Cassy also stated she couldn’t call the cops because her husband is a cop. He was no longer a police officer at the time of the suspected abuse, and at the time of their divorce and custody battle. She was already staying in Las Cruces in the early stages of her relationship with David Berry; why didn’t she report it there?

Another interesting fact: If they were worried about Brad’s police history, why didn’t they call in the State Police to investigate this case?

The Sheriff’s Department never did a thorough background investigation on the fiance, David Berry. The Sheriff’s Department claimed domestic violence as an issue in this case because of the divorce and custody battle Brad and Cassy were going through. There was never a thorough investigation in this case at all. The lead investigators were pulled from this case because Cassy’s parents requested that it be handled by new investigators.

New DNA evidence was brought to light before the trial even started. A DNA analyst testified in court that the DNA evidence excluded Brad from this crime. So how was he still convicted? How did the judge not dismiss this case due to the DNA evidence? An innocent man now awaits sentencing for a crime he did not commit.

David V. Mendell


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