Editor: To Renee Seely, I live in Pima. I travel to Safford every day; and every day, I pass someone’s pet dead on the highway — dogs and cats.

This seems to me that the ones that get taken to the pound at least have a chance to be put in a good home or given back to their owners. I believe that the pound is the better choice.

Folks like you are quick to condemn but want nothing to do with a cure for the problem. There are laws in Graham County about dogs and cats running loose, but it doesn’t seem like too many people abide by them.

I think our law enforcement and animal control in Graham County do a wonderful job.

Your statement reminds me of the people in America who crybaby about these illegals being mistreated but offer no solution. In both cases, if they were at home where they belong, we would not have a problem at the pound or on the border.

My suggestion is either step up or shut up. I myself think out law enforcement and animal control are doing a great job. You are part of the problem or part of the solution.

Orville F. Rolando Jr.


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