There are too many child sex slaves in America.

The only real help they're getting is from Boys Town. 

In 1917 a Catholic priest named Father Flanagan was overwhelmed with street boys. He helped them build their own town. To this day, children run Boys Town.

Their schools are rated among the highest in Nebraska. The Boys Town Choir has been well known for over 100 years. It is said they sound like angels singing. 

Their goal is to save as many street children as they can. (They rescue girls, too.)

There are seven Boys Towns now. Their towns are prosperous. They have farms and dairies, but they're having trouble keeping up with funds for the constant building of new facilities, plus feeding and clothing new children.

They've asked for donations, but haven't gotten much response. I would like to give a $10 Boys Town Challenge. 

Look up Boys Town on your computer and send them $10. Challenge others to do the same.

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Let's let Boys Town know we are proud of them and care and their efforts.

Father Flanagan's dream was to have a Boys Town in every state.

Would Boys Town be the answer to the flood of immigrant children coming here? Maybe they could learn how to fix their country. 

Graduates from Boys Town have a good education and trade.


Mickie Eyre,


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