Editor: In response to the editorial in the Eastern Arizona Courier (“Swift conclusion hoped for in court clerk situation,” Sept. 11, 2019) and other media regarding the recall of Cindy Woodman as clerk of the Graham County Superior Court, I would like to share my thoughts on the matter.

The problems arising from the Clerk’s Office and the recall efforts taking place can be blamed on the voters of Graham County, who boast of voting a straight Republican or Democratic ticket when going to the polls without giving any weight to the candidate’s name on the ballot. The only thing they are looking for is an “R” or “D” behind a name.

I can only compare those people to a coach who picks his starting lineup by blindly drawing players’ names from a hat. It takes knowledge and decision making to be an effective coach; likewise, it takes knowledge and decision making to cast an educated vote for your local city and county officials.

It is understandable that when voting for the president of the United States, the governor of Arizona, state offices and/or legislators, you would have a strong opinion and desire to stay within your own party type because these positions hold a lot of political power. However, at the local level, there is no political power in the county elected positions, such as: clerk of the Superior Court, treasurer, recorder, etc. County elected officials are sworn to faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office they are elected to, and they are prohibited from showing favoritism to any political party.

These local officials will not be making laws regarding gun control, immigration, abortion, etc., but these officials will be in charge of your local public offices and their salary will be paid with your local tax dollars. So please do your homework when it comes to voting. You should concern yourself with what type of individuals the candidates are, and what knowledge and experience they have because they will be in charge of providing services in this county for you and your family. The candidate’s party should be the last thing you consider, not the first.

Sadly, this is not the only time Graham County citizens have voted an individual into office who has no knowledge about his or her new position. County and city employees are well aware of the election process, and they understand that their new boss will need their help, assistance, knowledge and guidance to lead an efficient office. To assume that these employees are unwilling to assist their new boss is an insult to them.

Likewise, comparing any of these offices to a presidential cabinet that needs to be “cleaned out” is quite overreaching. These employees have mortgages to pay, families to feed and have a desire to keep the insurance and benefits the county provides. They want and need to keep their jobs that they have a vested interest in, and they desire to be accepted by their new boss. What these employees do not have control of is the attitude, personality and integrity of their new boss. These characteristics are what voters should have been looking at during the election process.

In regard to the recall of Cindy Woodman as clerk of the Superior Court, I urge you to do your homework and become knowledgeable and ask around about:

• What qualifications does this candidate have to run for clerk of the Superior Court?

• What are her leadership skills, and where and when has she utilized them?

• Has she ever supervised employees?

• Why was she fired from her last place of employment?

• Why did she leave her profession of a dental hygienist?

• What do her previous co-workers say about her and her integrity?

• What organizations has she been involved with and does she have their support?

These are questions concerned voters should be asking about anyone running for public office. In Graham County, we have very limited tax dollars, so do your part in using them wisely and don’t be a robot at the polls.

If you have any questions regarding this recall or wish to sign a petition you may contact myself at 928-651-8418 or Darlee Maylen at 928-792-7477; or reach us via Facebook Messenger.

Mary Jo Howes 


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