Democrats are smarter than Republicans

Both parties are controlled by the establishment, the professional politicians who care not a rat’s ankle bone about us, the peasantry.

The Republican establishment are a bunch of weak-kneed Caspar Milquetoast types who think they are engaged in a gentlemanly Sunday-afternoon croquet game on the church lawn. The Democrat establishment, on the other hand, know exactly what is at stake. They are engaged in a take-no-prisoners war for total control ̶ total control of the government and total control of our personal lives. Their policies are 180 degrees off course, and if they manage to implement them, our whole economy and our whole society will destroyed.

The Republican Party establishment are beyond hope of reform. People who know how to do it must found a new party, a populist party that will put the American people first and listen to us, a party led by a fighter who knows how to win.

Democrats complain about Trump being a sore loser, but make no mistake: they would rather deal with a sore loser than any kind of winner. We, the people, must have a winner.

Jerrold R. Shouse


Where are the Biden signs?

I am a Trump supporter here in the Gila Valley, but I feel everyone who are Biden supporters instead of being angry at 1 flag why don't you show your support for him. I see all kinds of Trump hats, shirts and signs all over but, I've yet to see a Biden hat, shirt or signs. Why is that?

Susan Winckel


It's a teaching moment

I am writing this letter to strongly support Mr. Clyde England's right to boldly express his beliefs. Since when must one's freedom of expression have to be "representative of the whole valley"? Or even supported by at least one other member of the community, for that matter?

What do Mr. England's flags say to the kids, Mr. Carrell asks? They say, In America, you have the absolute right to express your opinion and speak your mind about our elected leaders and their policies without fear of reprisal. Personally, I will use Mr. England's flags as a teaching moment for my own children.

I pray Mr. Dustin Welker was merely attempting to soften the reality of our first amendment right to free speech for Mr. Carrell, when he said ..."[at this time] there is not a mechanism for counties to prohibit this type of expression and speech." I pray, for freedoms sake, that there never is a "time" nor "mechanism" for government to "prohibit" any of our God granted rights found in our Constitution.

When Mr. England states "If that's going to offend you, what's going to offend you next?", he was referencing the slippery slope, and where it might end.

I would take it one step further, however, and simply remind readers that although all of us, at one time or another, have found someone else's speech to be "appalling", none of us have the right to not be offended.

Parrish Blasius


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