Comments on Facebook about “Pro-life youths march through Safford” (Eastern Arizona Courier, June 12, 2019)

Patti Carter Schwandt — “Keep your clothes on and your legs closed and there won’t be a need for an abortion for a baby you can’t take care of or don’t want. It can’t get any simpler. Abortion is NOT birth control.”

Alicia Fontaine — “Small-minded people who aren’t thinking about the LIVES of the mothers and babies after they’ve been born. Who’s going to support them? What if the baby is stillborn? Etc., etc. So many factors not considered. I’d love to get together with people to put on a pro-choice march.”

Shelby Oller — “I want to know how every pro-life supporter feels about IVF petri dish eggs that are fertilized. More than one egg at a time can get fertilized, and that happens pretty often, but only one, maybe two, eggs are actually kept. Is it OK to discard the petri dish eggs that have been fertilized? Because that’s what happens. And the pro-life bills going around don’t outlaw the removal of those fertilized eggs. Just the fertilized eggs in a womb. How is a petri dish egg different than a uterus egg?”

Shannon Allred Glaittli — “Babies have every right to live. This is not a woman’s health issue. It’s a baby’s health issue. Seems libs have forgotten their own motto of Legal Safe and Rare. It’s anything but rare.”

Katie Neubauer Hill — “Regardless of if you are pro- choice or pro-life, I think it’s amazing to see the youth standing up for what they believe in. Instead of arguing your opinion on this post, maybe see that there is a group of young people not just sitting around playing video games but instead doing something they feel is important!”

Samantha Kay Moore — “Y’all just mad because y’all can’t choose for yourself because of a “god” and you won’t let others choose? Disgusting.”

Facebook comments on “Survey seeks input on downtown entertainment district” (Eastern Arizona Courier, June 12, 2019)

Kara Richards — “Yeesss please there is nothing to do in this boring town!!!!”

Amanda G. Arellano — “Bring in a mall for the kids and parents with more variety of restaurants, movies, clothes, etc.”

Geri Wiley — “Let the young ones cruise Main Street and mingle like back in the day! It would keep kids busy and give them something to do!”

Nathaniel Luke Jurado — “They need to add more stuff here like more fast food restaurants and more things to do here in this community.”

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