United States Congressional Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), has done it again — totally revealing her elitist behavior to anyone caring about such things.

And you probably thought her expensive new freezer, full of costly ice cream selections, was a little “in your face” braggadocio in this era of coronavirus constraints.

Normally, it would be, except Nancy is a member of the “Ruling Nobility,” whose motto seems to be “Laws are made for thee, but not for me.”

Seems every few weeks Pelosi is good for a head scratching commentary. Especially considering she’s the Democrats most influential member of Congress.

She again exhibited snooty behavior when recently visiting a San Fracisco hair salon. Not an unusual occurrence, except in California’s COVID environment, an ordinary woman’s unauthorized hair appointment has been elevated to a class 2 felony — figuratively speaking.

One other thing, she failed to wear the mandatory face mask — an absolute California requirement — and one of Nancy’s favorite subjects of discussion. Along with bashing President Trump at every given opportunity.

After arranging a hair appointment with her stylist, she visited the salon, unbeknownst to the salon’s owner. In San Francisco, hair salons have been closed since March and only recently opened on Sept. 1 to outdoor appointments only.

Which, admittedly, is rather weird, but it’s California, so anything can happen.

However, the salon’s security cameras revealed she was inside the salon, having a “wash and blow-out” and not wearing the mandatory face covering.

Oops. Busted!

Most folks, when revealed to have flagrantly flaunted the law, will fess-up and at least attempt some sort of apology.

Except if the violator happens to be the Speaker of the House of Representatives — third in line of succession to the presidency. Then, the amateurish retort “I was set up” is the excuse given for being found out.

Nancy, a 30-year-plus Congresswoman, knows the laws pertaining to the COVID requirements in California. Or, at least she should, being the most powerful Democrat in the country.

Instead of acknowledging her blunder and taking responsibility for her mistake, she immediately blames the salon owner. “I was set up. I was set up by the salon owner. I was set up. The salon owes me an apology for setting me up. I was told they could accommodate people one at a time, and I trusted that” Nancy pleaded to the press.

Yes, for outside appointments, not inside. However, everyone knows outside appointments are for the common people, not royalty.

In Nancy’s mind, the salon was waiting for just the right moment to ensnare her in a trap and publicly expose her transgression to whole world.

I can see the headline now — “Queen Nancy’s alleged COVID violations videoed by conniving hair salon owner.”

Two-faced in full bloom — “Laws are made for thee, but not for me.”

Surprisingly, even liberal CNN voiced wonderment at Pelosi’s faux pas writing in their daily email, Meanwhile in America, Sept. 3 “Pelosi comes across as a hypocrite, since she has frequently rebuked Trump for undermining government advice on masks.”

Continuing with their disapproval, CNN added “But politics is as much about perception as policy. And Pelosi handed Republicans a gift, since conservatives love to demonize her as a rich socialist who passes laws infringing the freedoms of Americans that she ignores herself.”

That statement pretty much sums-up Pelosi’s mindset: She’s been around Washington politics for so long that she doesn’t even realize when her arrogance and hypocrisy is making a mockery of herself and the very office she holds.

The salon owner insists Nancy’s antics are “a slap in the face” to her and other salons who have been shuttered by California’s burdensome regulations. Because of the publicity, the owner says, she has received threats and her business is “pretty much done now.”

I’m sure there are numerous similar stories around the country, not involving Nancy Pelosi, but other high-ranking officials. The COVID-19 controversy has exposed the best and worst in people, in addition to inflicting a terrible toll on an economy and society that was previously unaccustomed to such an awkward lifestyle.

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