It’s painfully obvious Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to remove President Trump from office is predicated more upon emotion than facts.

The Democrat’s failure to produce a single witness in their impeachment hearings who could truthfully testify they had firsthand knowledge Trump had committed an impeachable crime, was evidence their impeachment quest was nothing more than a bumbling sham.

Or, possibly a drug-induced hallucination.

Now, Dems’ want to bring their mind-altering games to the Senate for further examination and trial, but only if Nancy gets to make the rules and introduce additional witnesses she believes will be favorable to Trump’s impeachment.

Apparently, she’s a little confused by the process. House Democrat’s (the prosecution) presented their case with ample opportunity to summon additional witnesses in support of their accusations. None of the over half-dozen witnesses and legal experts who testified at the impeachment hearing said they witnessed or believed Trump had sufficiently violated a law rising to an impeachable standard. Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses.

Nevertheless, House Dems’ voted to impeachment the president on two charges; abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Vaguely worded accusations with little significance. Lending further credence to the old lawyer adage ”When you can’t convince a jury of the pleadings of your case, dazzle them with your B.S.”

Which, apparently, is exactly what Nancy is trying to do. Refusing to pass the House impeachment case on to the Senate (the trial and defense) unless the Senate agrees to certain terms and conditions established by Nancy, then she remains determined to stall the proceedings for as long as she believes necessary to get her way.

In effect, we now have an impeachment process in limbo — stuck in a region of uncertainty somewhere between reality and fantasy.

However, it is doubtful the Senate will continue to tolerate the delay indefinitely, regardless of Nancy’s stunts. A trial will be held with or without House participation. The Constitution requires it.

More specifically, we are seeing what can happen when an individual’s “crime” is predicated more upon political motives than actual violations of law. Specifically, where the accused is denied the opportunity of a defense, but must endure the stain of public shaming.

This is Nancy’s opinion of fairness. Fortunately, she’s played her hand and the opportunity to call additional witnesses or revise the rules has passed. As a result, all she can do is throw hissy-fits, stomp her feet, act like a spoiled brat and unlawfully continue to refuse forwarding the House’s impeachment findings on to the Senate; an “Obstruction of Congress” itself, the very crime the Dems’ accuse Trump of.

Otherwise, her assumed importance in demanding certain concessions from the Senate is nothing more than a figment of her imagination — or a cannabis induced dream.

Considering her personal Congressional district is San Franpsycho, there is a very distinct possibility there actually may be noticeable amounts of THC in her bloodstream, along with several other substances and stenches inhaled and stepped-in along the streets of San Frans’ crumbling society.

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