SAFFORD — Archers and campers got to enjoy cool temperatures sub 60 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday in C&A’s 3D archery shoot on Mount Graham. Despite the recent bear sighting farther up the mountain, people enjoyed a peaceful competition, good food and a good shoot.

C&A has been around for roughly a year, and the targets, which ranged from bears and mountain lions to velociraptors and giant cobras, were broken in at the shoot (literally). Archers got to compete for prizes over two courses spread over the campgrounds. This was their first competition shoot following a fun shoot at Dry Lake Park.

Eight-year-old Brandon Lujan shot for his first time. He said, “It was good. I just barely started a long time ago because my dad’s friend gave me a bow, and then we started going to the archery range. I wanna do this again.”

Nine-year-old Nathan Medina is also a brand-new archer and said, “I got my bow for Christmas two years ago, so I started a while back. I like shooting at the regular targets because they’re bigger.”

When asked about the cooler air, Medina said, “It’s cool and all. I like hiking up hills, but I tripped at least three times. I’m in one piece. I’m going to keep shooting.”

Event coordinator and C&A owner Amber Bailey said, “We are happy to be here. It’s fun. The turnout has been good. Today’s shoot is quite a hike, but people are enjoying it. It’s very refreshing. This is the first of many, we’re hoping.”

Interested in archery? C&A is open to suggestions and appreciates feedback. There is no annual membership fee; it is purely a per-shoot fee.


Peewee: 1. RY Armando. 2. Brandon.

Cub Female: 1. Venicia Lopez. 2. Rikki.

Cub Male: 1. Broady Phillips. 2. Quintin Hobbs.

Youth Male: 1. KC Hobbs. 2. Cohen Woodside. 3. Manuel.

Youth Female: 1. Savannah Bailey. 2. Sydellea Bailey.

Known Male Open: 1. Bo Keller. 2. Clark. 3. Brian Darnell.

Known Female Open: 1. Sonia.

Female Bowhunter Release: 1. Marci. 2. Michelle.

Known Hunter Male: 1. Lamar Skinner. 2. Tyler Clifford. 3. John.

Traditional: 1. Richard Roop.

Male Bowhunter Release: 1. Leigh Hanson. 2. Jamie Woodside. 3. Trever Merrick.

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