Eastern Arizona College Female Athlete of the Year Savannah Clausen received All Conference and All Region honors as a freshman shortstop on the women’s softball team.

The Gila Monsters went 43-14 overall and made it to the regional semifinals. Clausen said she felt good about the 2021-22 campaign but wanted to make it to the national tournament.

“The season went well. In the beginning it was a little rough and we were trying to figure out our placements and how we all worked together. I think if we had been able to go further, we would be doing a lot in the national tournament right now,” she said.

As an individual player being named All Region and All Conference came as somewhat of a shock to her.

“It was great, and it was a surprise. I did not expect to get the awards I got,” she said. “It’s always in the back of my mind, but that’s not my first priority. My priority is to play for my team and help my team as much as I can. Awards are a great plus, but what I do on the field and what I do with my team is more important right now,” she said.

But an even bigger surprise was the EAC Female Athlete of the Year Award she received, especially considering the success some of the other Gila Monster athletes had.

“That was a huge surprise,” Clausen said. “I was up against so many amazing athletes, volleyball, basketball, tennis. I did not expect to get that – it was a great surprise.”

Clausen is from Arvada, Colorado, and it can get pretty cold there. She said she enjoys the Arizona heat more than playing in the cold temps in her home state.

“I love it. When you’re playing in the cold like it is in Colorado sometimes everything hurts. Hitting hurts, catching the ball hurts. You don’t have to deal with that in the heat – you can just go out and play,” she said.

The softball season just ended about two weeks ago and Claussen said that she is already getting ready for next season. She’s practicing with a traveling team in Colorado and doing all she can do to be prepared for her sophomore year.

“I’ve been practicing with my old summer ball team and taking any chance to get better. I had a good freshman season, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen sophomore season. So, I have to stay ready and prepared and be excited for the upcoming season to prove myself again,” she said.

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