SAFFORD — In a region where hunting and target shooting are appreciated and respected, Gila Valley residents — and sometimes visitors — enjoy having three different firing ranges, some nearby shooting clubs and a local trapshoot club.

Bill Tillman is a shooter who’s been in the Valley since 1993.

Tillman ended up here thanks to an open position at one of the area’s prisons. His favorite shotgun right now is the Remington 1100 Competition.

“It’s got that recoil system on it that makes it real nice,” Tillman said.

Being a seasoned veteran, Tillman has shot many perfect rounds and looks forward to repeating such performances as often as he can.

“It took me several years, probably,” he said.

He has been a part of the Gila Valley Trap Shooters for around 12 years. When asked about what keeps him coming back all this time, Tillman said, “I really enjoy shooting, and I enjoy the people.”

For those looking to go 25 for 25, his best advice is to keep coming back and keep shooting.

The next shoot is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 30, starting at 6 p.m., at Dry Lake Park in Safford.

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