Fort Thomas fell to the Lady Eagles of Desert Christian at home Tuesday night, 3-1.

The Lady Eagles came on strong in Game One, with a 7-2 scoring run early and then steadily pulled away from Fort Thomas. They won the opening game 25-12.

Game Two was a completely different story for the Lady Apaches. Trailing 11-7, Fort Thomas took a time out then scored three unanswered points.

Desert Christian called a quick time at 11-10. One score each and Fort Thomas called another quick time out. This time out must have been just what the Lady Apaches needed because they went on 7-2 scoring run. At 17-13 The Lady Eagles stopped the clock once again, but Fort Thomas maintained the lead with Desert Christian chipping away at that lead until tying the score at 25 each. The teams battles back and forth tying again at 29, before Fort Thomas was able to score two unanswered points, making the final score 31-29.

The Lady Apaches rode the momentum of the Game Two win into the third game, getting out to a 6-2 edge before Desert Christian called a time out, but the Lady Apaches continued to add to their margin, 13-8. Closing to 14-10, the Lady Eagles went on a five-to-one run getting to within one point 15-14. Another five-to-two point run and Desert Christian was up 20-17. Not to be out-done, Fort Thomas then put up 7 to 4 run tying at 24-24. At 27-27, the Lady Eagles were able to get the two point edge at 29-27 for their second win of the night.

In the fourth and final game, Fort Thomas got out early leading 5-3, but the Lady Eagles responded with 6-4 run knotting the score at nine. At 9-11 Fort Thomas called time out, but the Lady Eagles put up 10 points. The Lady Apaches could only answer with six, 21-15. Desert Christian held on to get the 25-17 win.

The loss to their Region 1A South opponent leaves Fort Thomas 0-1 in the region and 2-3 overall.

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