The Thatcher and Safford girls basketball teams met up for the second time this season Friday night. The Lady Eagles again emerged on top, this time 57-32. 

The Lady Bulldogs watched shots they would usually make no problem either careen off the rim or circle the hoop and fall out of the cylinder.

That is not to say they were totally the cause of their own problems; Thatcher played tough defense through out the game and shot the ball often and accurately. Often and accurate will generally carry the day.

Olivia Lunt and Mia Carter were both in double digits, Lunt with 16 and Carter adding 10.

The Lady Eagles started quick, raking up nine points before Safford could break through and score at the 5:50 mark.

Thatcher would close out the first period of action on top, 15-6.

During the second quarter, the Lady Eagles would continue to shoot the ball well and play stingy defense. Safford watched as shot after shot would be so close, but not close enough. The intermission came with Thatcher leading 35-12.

The third period was Safford’s best shooting period as they tallied 11-points; Thatcher countered 15 and at the end of three quarters it was 48-23.

From there the matter was pretty much in hand and the Lady Eagles cruised their way to the 57-32 win.



Olivia Lunt, 16

Mia Carter, 10

Aubrey Pace, Marleigh Nicholas, Cassidy Wakefield and Haley Nicholas, 6 apiece

Ashlyn Thompson, Mickenzi Drage, and Jade Griffin, 2 apiece

Macey Carter, 1


Brynzee Hansen 13

Koree Villarreal, 11

Mia Abalos, 7

Ashlyn Schilling, 1

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