On Friday afternoon, a group of boy campers showed their stuff for their parents after a week-long day camp of learning to do front to back flips and tumbling.

The very first Ninja Strong class consisted of Parkour and freestyle running.

“I have been doing Parkour and flips for about six years now,” said head coach Daniel Reynolds. “This is my first time coaching, but I love it, especially after one of the boys lands a flip and I see how excited they get, it’s awesome.”

When Gila Cheer was about to reopen after quarantine, they thought a boys’ camp would be the perfect camp to start. The camp filled up quickly.

The camp ranged from boys ages 5-17 years old.

Dominic Gray, 13, was a Ninja Strong camper, who had a great time at camp. “I have been doing flips for as long as I could remember. We use to put a bunch of old mattresses in the front yard and practice flips and tumbling.”

Since the boys have had such a great time, they are going to add a second Ninja Strong camp, June 29-July 3. A boys’ class will also be added this season.

“I have been tumbling and do flips for about 10 years now,” said 14-year-old Rusty Freestone. The best part about doing a flip is the satisfaction you get after you land it.”

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