PIMA — This summer has been packed with camps, and one of the most recent was the Pima volleyball camp.

What’s made this one unique is the visible goal setting to which campers have been directed to commit.

Pima volleyball head coach and camp co-coordinator Keoni Bailado said, “I’m a huge believer in goal setting. When I was in high school, that’s what we did. Every single practice, there was a purpose. We always had to have a person and reason for everything we did. Otherwise, you’re going out there and playing volleyball for no reason. You always want to get 1-percent better every day. That’s one of the things I always tell these girls.

“The whole writing goals down on paper and putting them where you can see them, I got it from a buddy of mine at a camp. He coaches at a university. He’s got really good ideas — not trying to reinvent the wheel, but keep it spinning.”

When asked about how the campers are responding to the goal setting, Bailado said, “The girls who have been here since last year know what we’re about as far as goal setting. They know what we expect from them. I think, for them, it’s something they look forward to. It gives them a purpose and path to follow. They know their weaknesses, and this gives them an opportunity to follow up on them.”

Swiss exchange student Olivia Deipers has jumped right into volleyball, even with some differences between European and American volleyball.

“I’ve played only a year of volleyball so far. I really like playing volleyball in Switzerland. I want to continue here.”

When asked about the goal setting, Deipers admitted to wanting to focus on understanding the American system, to get to know some people and to serve better. The biggest difference is how players are swapped in and out. It’s much more intense in the United States.

“I really like it here. I have a really nice host family, and all the people out here are really nice,” she said.

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