PIMA — Rodeos are often limited to people with horses, but this year’s Pioneer Day rodeo showed how a community can come together to get nonriders out in the arena, have some fun and walk away with great memories.

Troy Judd, committee director for the rodeo, said, “We’ve been doing this for years and years. This is what Pima does, and it’s our contribution. We had a huge turnout. Couldn’t believe the turnout. We had a lot of participation, got a lot of kids involved, people who didn’t have horses. And we had a lot of people who did have horses that jumped in there and helped to give them a chance to enjoy what we do here and celebrate. That was pretty cool. And everybody stayed to the end. That was nice. It takes a lot of work to get this done, and we got a lot of help. We couldn’t do it without them. We really appreciate it.”

Cowhide Race:

1. Aiden and Steven Alder with a time of 12.07 seconds 2. Riley Alder and Ryker Shupe 12.69. 3. Riley and Kashlee Alder 12.81.

Ribbon Roping:

1. Uriel Murrita and Gabriel with a time of 8.52 seconds. 2. Emilio and Jaylynn 8.84. 3. Troy and Dalyn 13.96.

Cowboy Musical Chairs:

Youth division winner: Riley Alder. Open division winner: Steven Alder.

Team Roping:

1. Luis and Uriel Murrita with a time of 7.52 seconds. 2. Levi and Vince 12.82. 3. Steven and Rooster Alder 16.95.

Other events included the stick horse race, boot race, greased pig and chicken chasing.

Thirteen-year-old Riley Alder said, “It was good. I’ve been riding since I was 3. I do this every year. I like all the events, especially greased pig.”

Team roping winner Luis Murrita said, “This is the second year we’ve won it. We come here to hang out.”

Uriel Murrita said, “It was fun. A lot of people, a lot of laughs. Our horses cooperated today.”

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