Brik Skousen

Brik Skousen

THATCHER — Brik Skousen, a senior wrestler at Thatcher high school, took some time to answer Eastern Arizona Courier’s questions about his high school wrestling career.

Q: What made you choose wrestling, and how many years have you been wrestling for?

A: I have been wrestling on and off for about eight years. I started wrestling because I can’t play basketball or soccer. If you have ever seen me play those sports, you would understand.

Q: What is your favorite part about wrestling?

A: My favorite part of wrestling is the grind. I love it. It is hard, and that is what sets us wrestlers apart from other athletes.

Q: How do you prepare yourself before you wrestle in a meet?

A: Preparing myself starts weeks, even months in advance, for just one meeting. Putting in the time in the wrestling room going over the same basic moves over and over, practicing situational wrestling, and conditioning. I eat healthy throughout the week to give my body the fuel it needs to perform at a high level. I get a good sleep letting my body rest and heal, my mind to be sharp and ready for the challenge that it is going to meet. Meditation before my match so I know that I am fully ready. Then it’s go time . . . leave no doubt.

Q: What is the hardest part about wrestling and why.

A: By far, the hardest thing about wrestling is the prep work. If you are not mentally and physically ready, you will pay for it. A quote from one of my favorite wrestlers is, “To get better, you have to step out of your comfort zone. You can’t do the same thing you’ve always done and improved” (Jordan Burroughs). So that is what I try to do all the time. Get uncomfortable; that is how we all learn. Push yourself to be the best and you will become the best.

Q: What is it like to pin another wrestler?

A: It is so rewarding, a feeling of accomplishment. All of the hard work and dedication that you have put into your craft is working. Then reality hits you; there is someone that is always going to be better (so) get to work.

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