SAFFORD — Safford and Snowflake saw a lot of each other at camps over the summer, but that didn’t stop the Lady Lobos from robbing the Lady Bulldogs of developing a rhythm in Tuesday’s game.

Safford suffered a 3-0 loss, 25-13, 25-13, 25-13.

Snowflake head coach Alan Ramage said, “It was our first game. We’ve been playing all year. We’ve been chomping at the bit for this first game, and we came out and played a really good Safford team. They’re a little bit young. We’ve played with them all summer down here at EA. I thought our girls did a very good job at keeping them out of the system. They had some big hitters on the outside, and one big hitter in the middle, but I think we kept them on their heels for most of the night. It was a pretty good win.”

Snowflake stayed in control over all three sets, while Safford squeezed in a selection of kills, digs and saves. The Lady Bulldogs just couldn’t string together enough points to tip the rhythm in their favor, while the Lady Lobos were able to place their attacks where their opponents weren’t.

Safford head coach Sheri Camarena said, “A lot of it was confidence that they could play volleyball, and it is getting into the rhythm. We struggled with passing. Our poor setter was running all over the court and we couldn’t get anything close to the net. When we did, we got some awesome kills. And our defense? We’ve got some work to do, understandably, but Snowflake is a pretty awesome team. They’ll be making it to the playoffs, I’m pretty sure. We’ll pull it together.”

Safford (0-1) played in the 2019 Southwest Challenge at Buckeye Youngker on Sept. 6. Safford will host Thatcher on Sept. 10 at 6 p.m.

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