SAFFORD — The next round of golf camp took place this past week with children ranging from age 5 to high-schoolers getting a grasp on fundamentals.

Because this was a younger group, there was a bit more heavy hitting and aerating the ground, but campers were also rewarded with the sound of a solid drive from time to time.

Camp coach Caleb Scarlett said, “We’re mainly going to focus on fundamentals, trying to help them just kind of hit the ball pretty decently, and help them get out here a lot. The race was just for fun. They like it. It’s a good competition to race for a candy bar. And no, we’re not giving them too much candy.”

Camper Braden Price is 10 years old and brand-new to golf.

“My neighbor, he’s a big golfer and he told me about this summer camp. He gave me some flyers and my dad took me over here, and we signed up. And then I came here and I liked it. My favorite part so far is driving. I like seeing how far I can hit it,” Price said.

Camper Kambria Wissinger is also 10 years old and is on her second year of golfing with her papa.

“I’ve been doing lessons. We go out and practice with my papa. It’s really fun. I love going driving when I’m really mad; I can just hit them. I can pretend it’s someone’s head and I feel better after,” Wissinger said.

There are two camp opportunities left at Mt. Graham Golf Course before school starts — July 15-17 and Aug. 5-7. Camps are $20 per session for golfers ages 7-17. For more information and to register call 928-348-3140.

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