Angela Guajardo

THATCHER — Thatcher hosted St. Johns on homecoming night Friday. Despite a slew of punts, the Redskins were able to reach the end zone one mor…

Pima’s Uriel Murrieta (30) gains a few yards before getting taken down.

Pima’s Uriel Murrieta (30) breaks to the outside and gains some ground.

Pima’s Kaleb Blair (7) finds open field on the right side before getting forced out of bounds.

Thatcher’s Collin Thompson (62) scoops up the Pima fumble for an easy touchdown.

Thatcher’s Spencer Stevens (81) tries to stay up as Pima’s Alec Judd (28) drags him down.

Pima’s Kaleb Blair (7) catches the Hail Mary pass.

Pima’s Alec Judd (28) receives the kickoff.

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